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Afterlight Photo

Edit your photos with an extensive list of film-inspired Presets, real-film Overlay textures & powerful Adjustment tools — Download and immerse yourself in the most complete & easy-to-use photo editing app on iOS.



Double Exposure

Light Leaks


Real Overlay Textures

22 Dust textures, 20 Material textures like VHS / Paper, 48 Light textures like Film Leaks, Haze and Prism

300+ Film Filters

Mix + match many different styles or combine features to create your own custom look as a Fusion Filter

Precise Adjustment Tools

Bring out the best in your photos with tools like Vibrance, Glow, Clarify, Grain, Sharpening, Curves and more

Overlay Effects

Apply glitch effects and emulate Film styles with Chroma, Halation, Color Shift and Double Exposure

Add a Frame

Give your photos a Frame like Polaroid, Film Reel or Instax and customize the background with color presets or an image

Advanced Touch Tools

Make precise adjustments like Saturate, Desaturate, Sharpen, Blur, Lighten, and Darken by drawing with your finger

Afterlight Video

Create unique film-inspired aesthetics with our library of Film Presets, authentic Film Overlays, Glitch Effects + a wide range of creative Editing Tools to explore.




Super 8


Overlays & Effects

Browse our library of authentic Dust Overlays, real Light Leaks & VHS Glitch Effects

Presets & Film Filters

Give your videos a film-inspired look using VHS, Betamax, Super 8, Halation, Lo-Fi, Film Reel & many more

Easy Editing Tools

Edit your Timeline with Trim, FPS, Flip, Rotate and Speed + Adjustment Tools like Exposure, Glow, Chroma and Grain