How much does Afterlight cost?

Afterlight Photo + Afterlight Video are free to download with membership options. Our free versions have many tools you can use to enhance your mobile edits. Both the Afterlight Video and Afterlight Photo memberships offer $2.99 options for a monthly membership, $17.99 for a yearly membership with a 7 day free trial, and a $35.99 lifetime offer.. Our free versions have many tools you can use to enhance your mobile photography edits.

What is included with the Afterlight Photo and Video memberships?

The Afterlight Photo Editor Membership includes:
130+ Filters included the new Film Presets and unlimited Fusion Filters
Access to all Dust, Material, and Light Textures
Advanced Tools like Touch Tools, HSL, and Curves
Instant Film Frames

The Afterlight Video Editor Membership includes:
All 29 One Tap Presets, including every future addition
Access to all Dust, Light, and Glitch Overlays
Advanced Grain, Chroma, Clarify and Glow tools

How do I restore my purchase?

In both Afterlight Video and Afterlight Photo, text buttons to restore your purchase can be found at the bottom of the Membership screens.

Does Afterlight store my photos on a server or use them in any way?

We at Afterlight do not store your photos, videos or any personal information inside the app or on a server. Both Afterlight Photo and Afterlight Video simply display what is stored on your device. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for any additional information on this.

Can I use my photos and videos edited with Afterlight for personal and commercial projects?

Yes, Afterlight does not take any ownership of the content you edit with our apps. Your photos/videos are always your photos/videos.